About Us




  About Us


Hello and welcome to Medsgreen Field! We’re a dispensary with a simple goal: to create the best shopping experience while saving you money on great


We have a real passion for cannabis. Cannabis makes us happy and we want to share that with our customers!

Growing up we watched our father manage a well-known large wholesale store. We’re bringing those lessons of hard work and a successful business model into the cannabis sphere for a new kind of online dispensary:

  • We’ve capped our margins
  • We provide quality products and services at the lowest prices
  • Our own budget-friendly line that doesn’t sacrifice on quality
  • Free samples with every order
  • Free shipping on orders over $150
  • Unlike the typical business that wants to boost profit and cut corners, we thrive on saving you money
  • We hold monthly contests with great prizes
  • We care about our brand and providing a fun shopping experience!

You’ll love shopping for cannabis with us. Feel free to contact us at any time; we welcome your feedback and we look forward to hearing from you!


Your Package is sent with care, guaranteed shipping and quick turn arounds of 1-3 day Xpresspost Delivery.


Medsgreen field thrives on great customer service and premium quality products, with swift and safe delivery you can trust.


With our quick approvals, our patients get free membership and earn 200 points with the proof of age 19+.


An extensive collection of the finest Indica and Sativa strains, concentrates and edibles Canada has to offer, with top notch quality and affordability